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Monday 17th of November 2008 10:20:06 AM

11/17/08 with Clevis, Head of Destiny and Skinwalkers at the Ruby Room
07/26/08 with The Necronauts, Hands On Fire and Dephinger at the Trunk Space
05/31/08 with Electronic Sleep and Terminal 11 at the Tribe House
03/19/08 with Adai, Hellas Mounds at the Tribe House
03/03/08 with The Coma Lillies, Hellas Mounds at the Modified
02/01/08 with Reason Unknown at Mighty Cup
12/05/07 with Attack of the Giant Squid and Sun vs Moon at Hollywood alley
09/18/07 with Sigma, Dakota and the Black River Bandit at Soul Invictus
08/09/07 with National Sunday Law and Cuneiform at Casa Blanca Lounge
07/16/07 Hacksawtothethroat, Spires, Noctare, Sinking In Shit at Plaid
07/04/07 Huge party fourth of July!
09/16/06 The Assailant, Elphaba and Pariah at Trunk Space
09/08/06 Constants, This Flood Covers The Earth at Counter Culture Cafe
08/27/06 in Tucson with Don Caballero and Zombi.
07/30/06 at the Space with Tides, Arc of the Aurora.
06/10/06 at The Tribe with Dysrythmia, Behold...the Acrtopus, Yakuza.
03/07/06 at Bulldogz with Enlow, Burden of a day, The Gentleman Homicide,
11/16/05 with Backstabbers Inc and Alarm.
11/08/05 Tribe House with Dysrhythmia and Bodhisattva.
10/14/05 House Party with Bodhisattva San Diego, CA
10/15/05 with Bodhisattva Los Angeles, CA
09/09/05 with Yeti, Graves at Sea and Black Hell.
07/09/05 trunk space with Baroness, Black Tie Suicides, Bride Ordained.
04/16/05 tribe house with Aroko Choke Slam, Bodhisattva, Graves at Sea.
04/18/05 trunk space with Rumah Sakit, By the End of Tonight, Chevreuil.

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