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Sunday 15th of June 2008 07:49:46 PM

06/15/08 Mixing / Mastering

So we have been recording and mixing hard for the last months in preparation of our next album release. All the tracks are complete and we are going to get the cd mastered by Dave Shirk here in Arizona. The album will include our 4 main songs which are all over 8 minutes and a couple of intro tracks as well and some surprises too. We added synth and drum machines to our set to add to the ambiance. We expect the release to be complete and packaged in one to two months.

In Absentia

05/15/08 In Absentia has been working hard mixing our new album, writing new songs and getting shirts and stickers made for our upcoming album release, stay tuned!

06/07/07 We are working on recording our CD and we have new stickers and shirt merchandise. Things are going well.

11/07/06 new stickers coming soon!

07/23/06 We are putting up newly recorded songs, artwork, hopefully some merchandise and awesome shows! Tides is an amazing band.

10/30/05 We are going to be working on recording our new album! Shirts will be made soon as well. Stay Tuned!

8/28/05 Our Demo, Live at the Complex CD was reviewed by Heart attack Magazine!